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Post by Gussion on Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:55 pm

The name of each Role Play must have these in the title, it is very practical when trying to find a Role Play. it also is very helpful in locating a Role Play you would like to be in.

- [J] Joining, this RP is open for new members.

- [C] Closed, this RP is not accepting new members.

- [Lp] Long Posts, this RP requires posts that are most likely more than a few sentences.

- [Sp] Short Posts, posts are not more than a few sentences.

- [Ad] Adventure, it has to do with adventure.

- [D] Drama, it is dramatic.

- [R] Romance, keep it PG.

- [T] Transformice, RP is TFM related.

- [Vg] Video Game, it has to do something about a video game.

- [A] Anime, it is anime related.

- [M] Media, about a book or television show, movie, etc.

- [F] Fantasy, something completely made up.

- [L] Life, something about real life.

- [Disc] Discussion, not a RP itself but a discussion about one or discussion about a possible one.

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